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The best speakers are those who give

Shift your perspective (or your mindset)—you’re there, in front of your audience, to give. Even better, you’re there to give, and you don’t want anything back. Forget your “take” mindset. Audiences respond differently to “takers” and “givers.”

Photo by Eleonora Albasi on Unsplash

Why are you presenting your research? To show how much you have accomplished, or to help your fellow scientists succeed in their own research? To show your results to “advance the field”, or to advance others? To add to the list of your presentations, or to empower those in your audience so they can build their own list? To toot your own horn, or to help others shine?

Once you’re clear about your perspective of giving, you will naturally go into a “storytelling mode”—the most powerful way to authentically communicate with your audience. The “storytelling mode” is not to tell a “little” story here and there during your presentation, it’s to make your entire presentation a storytelling experience, for you and for your audience.

And what about a final slide that says: “Thank you. I was here to give. I hope I accomplished my goal.”