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Speaking with confidence? Think it over

Everyone loves a confident speaker, and everyone loves to be a confident speaker. So you find all sorts of tricks of the trade—breathing techniques, power poses, eye contact, and so on—that can help you to become this sort of speaker. In many cases, though, these tricks only help you to seem more confident. But is this the only way to think about it?

Let’s try a mindset shift. Let’s replace “everyone loves a confident speaker” with “everyone loves a loving speaker.”

Photo by Elena Koycheva on Unsplash

You’re a loving speaker not when you connect with your audience, but when you feel one with the audience—you and your audience are part of the same community. You’re a loving speaker not when your goal is to enlighten your audience, but when your goal is the world’s prosperity, under all points of view.

Here is the deal—when you shift your mindset to embrace the “loving speaker”, you’ll communicate authentically and with ease, with no concerns about your performance. You’ll engage your audience without need for communication techniques, connecting through the heart, and not only the eyes. You’ll become a pro speaker while expressing yourself as a lover of human beings—this will trickle down in your life and improve personal and professional relationships; it will contribute to joy and fulfillment.

How do you start this mindset shift? Be open to the possibility that “loving speakers” are around us. You may not find them in your professional environment now, and you can be the first one to turn the tide. Be a pioneer!