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Understanding your current mindset is key to meaningful communication

Your unique mindset interacts with others’ mindsets to forge a communication bubble—it’s up to you to make the bubble pop or to make it bounce for the entire time you need it. Do you know how?

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

First of all, you need to be aware of your mindset and be able to describe it. Mindsets, which are made-up by the constellation of your values and beliefs, shift and change over time, so it essential to keep track of these shifts and changes. You should attempt to understand others’ mindsets only when you feel you have a good understanding of your own.

So, when does the bubble pop? Let me give you a classical example, which I have observed over and over again. You talk about facts, you start with a joke or a short story (which is many times, and erroneously, defined “storytelling”), the audience smiles. You make eye contact, your audience responds with eye contact. You think you have made a connection. Right? Not so. You have only created a communication bubble. Many people need storytelling to communicate with you, and are not moved by facts. They may listen and nod and, once they leave, they feel unmoved by your fact presentation.

Another example is when you communicate on the basis of stories of separation, and your audience needs stories of connection (or vice versa)

What you may not understand, is that some audiences need you to connect to their life circle. That’s the way to make the communication bubble bounce. Communication techniques and tricks keep you in the popping bubble.

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